YVELO Y Glider Kiwi - Blue

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The Best Three-Wheel Scooter for Kids with LED Lights

If you want the best three-wheel scooter for kids with LED lights, the Y Glider Kiwi is our sleek three-wheeled kids scooter with light-up wheels that comes with the latest comforts including easy-grip handlebars, extra-wide deck for side-by-side foot placement and safety, and wide rear foot brakes.

Lightweight Kids Scooter with LED Light-Up Wheels

The Y Glider Kiwi combines the fun of regular scooters with a patented design that helps kids develop their motor skills and balance. The innovative design makes it easier to balance right away, helping them to focus on steering. Scooters are ideal for giving kids independence, plus, the Y Glider Kiwi is so light that your kid and you can carry it back from the school gates themselves.

Y Glider Kiwi product features

Extra wide deck for side-by-side foot placement

Give your kids the best chance at balance with an extra wide deck that allows for better foot placement on the Y Glider Kiwi scooter.

Smooth Curved Design

The smooth design of the Y Glider Kiwi scooter eliminates sharp corners and helps to ensure that your little one has a safe ride.

Durable PU LED wheels

The Durable PU wheels of the Y Glider Kiwi allow for a smooth ride, and the LED light-up wheels make for maximum fun.

Suitable for ages 3 years +

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