TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Egg Stackers

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They squeak, they fit together, they stack, and they tumble down! Little ones will love all the things they can do with this happy half- dozen Hide & Squeak Egg Stackers. There’s much more to these Egg Stackers than the sum of their parts. Each egg comes apart to reveal a cheeping chick inside that children will find fascinating. Small enough for little hands to handle, they’ll enjoy reassembling the shells, exploring the contrasting, curious faces and discovering their egg cup bases. As toddlers grow towards their next play milestone, they will be able to match the bright, bold colours to pair up complete eggs, and sit them on their matching egg cups – both by colour and by sorting different shapes – each egg is made to fit a particular egg cup. The fun doesn’t end there: as their confidence and play skills continue to grow, they can practise counting up from one to six, using the numbers printed on the egg cups, and enjoy stacking the eggs one above the other to create a giant tower. More challenging, but more rewarding than stacking traditional cubes!

  • Contains 6 x Hide & Squeak Eggs with egg cups
  • With their cute faces and bright colours, shells are easy to pick up and fit together
  • Press the eggs to get a rewarding ‘cheep!’, turn them over to discover different shapes
  • Match shapes and colours to their numbered eggs cups, perfect for recognising colours and numbers as toddlers grow
  • This colourful set comes in a gift-style box complete with cord carry-handle

Ages 6 months+

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