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Squishmallows Toymaster Exclusive: Connie the Emerald Moth 12"

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Are you afraid of the dark? So is Connie! That's why this plucky yoga lover moved way far north. Though the days are super long, that's what Connie prefers--the more the sun is in the sky, the more she can salute it!

Connie is a turquoise moth with fuzzy light yellow antennae and a fuzzy light yellow belly. She has blue with a pattern of yellow and blue spots. She has round, black eyes, pink cheeks, and a smiling, black mouth.

This soft plush is perfect to snuggle with while relaxing at home, watching a movie, or taking a long car or plane ride. These loveable and squeezable Squishmallows are the softest and cutest plush toys around. Join the Squad!


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