Outdoor Adventure Night Vision Torch

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This substantial and chunky torch measures 22cm in length x 4cm diameter

With a bright red LED light to preserve natural night vision

Perfect for night hikes, map reading and camping

With glow-in-the-dark on-off button, belt hook and anti-roll feature


Preserve your natural night vision with the Brainstorm Toys Outdoor Adventure Night Vision Torch. The substantial and chunky torch is 22cm in length and 4cm diameter. It has a bright red LED light which works in tune with your natural adapted night vision to help you see more easily in the dark. Perfect for night hikes and map reading. Go on a nocturnal safari or use to read star maps and learn more about astronomy. Great for taking on camping trips and make sure it is on hand for spooky stories around the campfire! With glow in the dark on-off button, belt hook and an anti-roll feature.

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