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Millwood Crafts Small Farm Yard

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If your kids are interested in farm activities, this Millwood Small Farm Yard would be a super gift for your little one. This farm toy playset contain the farm activities you might want to know. Farming, transporting, baling and more. The Millwood Crafts Small Farm Yard is great opportunity to teach your kids about farm knowledge. A good collection of farm game toys set for you includes 2 sliding doors, artificial field and steel gates. With this model farmyard, it is enough room for all farm toy animals, model tractors and accessories. Features a small fenced paddock area for grazing livestock. 

  • 2 Sliding Doors, Field, Steel Gates.
  • Suitable for 1:32 Scale Toy Animals, Model Tractors, Accessories
  • Size Approx: Length 24″, Width 32″, Height 7″

Animals and Tractors not included

Scale 1:32