Funlockets Secret Journal Glitter Edition

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Discover the secrets in this chic and novel keepsake case! What better way to store your secret writing, drawings and doodles than the FunLockets Secret Journal?

Surprises Inside!
There’s more to the contents than meets the eye with this lockable journal. Discover hidden keys to figure out the mysteries inside of your FunLockets Secret Journal! With Mouse, Kitten, Koala, Puppy and Chubby all available – which one will you get?

Lockable Journal for Kids
First, find the golden key to unlock your FunLockets Secret Journal. Discover more keys in hidden compartments along the way. Design your look and create your book with the glittery pencil, stickers and stencils to style it up your way!

Journals for Little Writers
The FunLockets Secret Journal comes with so many additions, while you create stories on the notepad. Attach the crystal charm keyring to your journal, rucksack or bag. Use the journal as a diary to encourage creativity and mindfulness.

Ages 6 years+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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