Bruder 62250 bWorld UPS Store

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bworld is the toy world of BRUDER. It is made up of moving figures, animals, accessories and, most recently, also themed sets, and is assigned to the well-known BRUDER categories. Whether as a driver, rider, water sports enthusiast, or in the hospital ward or motorcycle workshop, bworld items provide hours of fun on their own or make the perfect addition to the detailed vehicles. With the new themed sets you can dive even deeper into the world of Bruder. Printed wall elements with easy-to-mount adjustable feet now form the space for even more reality when playing and the new shelving system can also interact with the elements.


UPS, one of the world's leading package delivery companies, not only offers its customers pure parcel shipping. UPS stores offer customers a wide range of services including print services, mailboxes and, of course, UPS' global shipping solutions. There is now a UPS store from BRUDER with equipment and figure. Here, parcels can be picked up and dropped off, shipping boxes purchased and other services used. The employee included in the set will be happy to help. The UPS store is the perfect addition to the UPS vehicles from Mercedes (item no. 02538), Mack (item no. 02828) and Scania (item no. 03581) already in the BRUDER range. And of course, the UPS parcel shop is easy to combine with the other bworld themed sets.

  • Parcel shop with counter and cash register
  • Parcel scale, mesh box and parcels
  • UPS parcel shop employee
  • Wall rack with shelf and holder
  • 1:16 Scale

Ages 4 years+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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