YVOLUTION Y Velo Junior 9" - GREEN

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The Iconic Dual Rear Wheels

Help your kids learn the essential first skills needed to ride a bike on our much-loved award-winning Y Velo balance bike for toddlers. Y Velo Junior allows kids to practice with a stable 9" double-width wheel before switching to a single wheel as the kids build confidence.

The Y Velo Junior is a two-stage bike for children over 18 months old, so you can start your little ones off with the confidence they need for a lifetime of bike riding fun.

As your little one gains more confidence on their Y Velo balance bike, you can transform the 9 inch rear wheel from a double width to a single width, allowing them to take the next steps on their bicycle journey.

We’ve designed our Y Velo Junior to enhance your children’s motor skills, improve their balance, and boost their coordination, so that even as they play, they’ll continue to learn.

At such a young age, your child is probably growing at a rapid pace, giving many toys such as bikes and scooters a short lifespan. However, we wanted to ensure that the Y Velo Junior lasts them as long as possible, that’s why we designed this toddler balance bike with a height adjustable seat and handlebars so that their bike can grow with them.

The comfy handlebar grips will protect your kids’ hands as they play, and the durable rubber wheels are designed to limit the chance of punctures, allowing them to ride on a wider variety of surfaces without you having to worry about tyre replacements. Not only does the Y Velo Junior’s lightweight aluminum frame make it easy for your kids to use, but it also makes it easy for you to transport to – let your children see even more of the world by taking their balance bike with you on days out.

By starting your child off on a Y Velo balance bike you’ll help them reach the pedal bike level by three or four years old, and then by practicing their balance on a balance bike, they’ll even be pedal bike ready without stabilizers.

We’ve even equipped our Y Velo Junior with a slot on the handle bars where your kids can store their drink bottles and any other accessories that they might want to take out with them.