Curlimals Flutter Wonder Bella Bear

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A dip in the enchanted pond and Curlimals have turned into Flutter Wonders. Bella Bear is a cute and cuddly Curlimal friend who chats, sings and laughs with you. She has beautiful sparkly wings that light up and flutter to show how she's feeling. Bella Bear is always there when her friends need her. She knows just what to say to cheer them up and make them giggle.

Tickle her tummy, pat her head or stroke her nose and Bella reacts with sounds, singing, chatting and movements. Discover over 100 different sounds,lights and movements including a special Bella Bear magical hidden sequence.

Bella says sweet things like "Sparkle brightly" and "Swish Swish let's fly away." There's an off button when it's time for everyone to sleep - like all good Curlimals, Bella curls into a cute ball. She's one of the Flutter Wonders Curlimals family, with beautiful wings that light up in three colours and glow in a magical light sequence.

Interacting and petting Bella teaches nurturing behaviour and supports emotional development. She gives the best hugs and always has a funny sound or song to cheer you up! Children learn to recognise and respond to Bella's special magical sequence. Made from super-soft fur, with shimmering wings, Bella is carefully made for play with children and just right for little hands and for a comforting snuggle

  • Includes: 1x Curlimals Bella the Bear
  • Batteries required: 3x AAA (included)
  • Soft and cuddly Flutter Wonders Curlimal bear
  • Interacts with over 100 sounds, lights and movements, encouraging pattern recognition
  • Sings, giggles and chats. Curls up to rest or sleep
  • Bella's enchanted sparkly wings light up in three colours and flutter
  • Always ready to play or choose off mode when it's time to sleep
  • Bella teaches you to listen, gives great hugs and cheers you on

Ages 3 years+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.