Bunch O Balloons Tropical Party Self-Filling Water Balloons

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Get ready to party, with Bunch O Balloons Tropical Party Water Balloons! Fill and tie 100 Tropical Party balloons in less than 60 seconds. With innovative O-ring technology and rapid fill capabilities, say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling each individual water balloon and say hello to never ending splash-out-loud fun.

Water Balloon Fun
Simply connect to a tap or hose, fill, and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying. Take them to a pool party, to your backyard, to a barbecue, or any summer occasion to unleash summer fun no matter where you are! This pack includes 3 Bunch O Balloons stems (total 100+ Self-tying, Rapid Fill Water Balloons). Summer's too short, make sure you spend it having splashing, refreshing fun!

  • Contents: 3 x Bunch O Balloons Tropical Party Stems (100+ Self Sealing Water Balloons)
  • Make water balloons with no hand-tying
  • Fill and tie 100 balloons in 60 seconds to start a Tropical Party
  • It's so easy, just attach the stem to a hose to make hundreds of water balloons
  • These innovative water balloons self-seal
  • Get the party started with a splash of crazy fun!

Recommended for ages 8 years+

Adult supervision required

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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