Word Bandit Game

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The Word Bandit is an awesome board game with four, word games that provide something for everyone! Set the one-armed bandit spinning and decided which number of letter rows you’ll play with. There’s the word snake game, celebrity initials or words in categories.

Look out for the face of the Word Bandit! When he shows up you’ll have one less letter to play with.

More words mean more points, so get spelling to make your way around the board and beat the Word Bandit.

Grab your friends and family and play in two teams of any number.

Game 1: One row of letters

Think of any word containing two of these three letters in any order. For " brain boxes" use all three letters.

Game 2: Two rows of letters

Think of words - to do with the subject your playing piece is sitting on - that start with any of the letters on show.

Game 3: Initials of famous people:

Think of famous people whose initials are among the letters - they don't need to be beside each other. Movie stars, musicians, historical figures, movie stars, even politicians - they are all there, scattered among the letters!

Game 4: Winding words: 

Any words spelled out by a winding sequences of letters - each of which is beside the next: on either side, above, below or diagonally.


  • 1x Word Bandit unit
  • 1x playing board
  • 1x sticker sheet
  • rules
  • 2x playing pieces
  • sand timer

Ages 8+

Players: 2 teams of any number  

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