Windy Bums Cheeky Farting Donkey

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Cheeky fun for everyone with this Windy Bums Donkey Plush toy. Bump to start - and hear it fart! The Windy Bums range is strangely addictive: they make rude sounds and move around: wiggles, jiggles, and giggles on the floor.
Toddlers and adults alike love this hilarious, trumping toy Donkey! Pop after pop after pop.... Bop it again when it stops!
  • SUPER FUN: Brilliantly entertaining for both children and parents!
  • DONKEY IS THE SILLY ONE OF THE BUNCH: He is very clumsy and very Windy!
  • ACTIVATE THE JIGGLING MOVEMENT to see it hilariously move along the floor or surface whilst trumping and giggling…once they start they just can’t stop!
  • SUPER SOFT squishy filling and colourful tactile fabrics
  • Demo batteries included

Suitable from 10 months+

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