VTech Little Friendlies Discovery Ball Cube

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Explore and play with this soft discovery cube! Your little one will love the 4 interactive sides of the little friendlies discovery ball cube by Vtech. The cube provides put & take & sensory play through different textured fabrics for baby to explore. The different fabric sides and dogs shiny face and furry ears provide lots of tactile stimulation. 3 buttons introduce numbers, shapes and fun phrases, while 3 textured balls can be put in and taken out of the cube triggering fun responses. The cube is packed full of sensory fun, interactive phrases, sound effects and includes 3 sing-along songs and 15 melodies.

  • CAUSE & EFFECT: The motion sensor contained within the ball reacts with different sounds when balls and put in and removed from the cube.
  • TACTILE STIMULATION: The dog’s shiny face and furry ears, 3 textured plastic balls and other fabrics and textures contained within the cube provide tactile stimulation for little ones.
  • BABY MUSICAL TOY: Little ones can learn about numbers and letters and listen to 3 catchy sing-along songs, as well as 15 melodies and lots of fun phrases.


Ages 3-24 months