TY Squish-A-Boo 31cm Heather Caticorn

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Heather Cat - I was a cat when I was born, then I magically grew a horn. I know this is not the norm , but now I am a unicorn!

My Birthday is April 26

Start your TY Squish-a-Boos collection with this assortment. Collect Dotty the Leopard, Fantasia the Unicorn, Giselle the Leopard, Heather the Cat, Kiki the Cat, Owen the Owl, Paris the Panda, Slush the Husky and Zoey the Zebra.

(Each sold separately)

TY Squish-A-Boo are made from super soft material and are large enough to use a pillow.

Dimensions: 23L x 31W x 31H cm

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