Squishmallows Amelie the Strawberry Milk 7.5"

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Meet Amelie. She loves baking and painting. First, she bakes an assortment of delicious blueberry muffins, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate cakes, then she sets them up and paints a still life! Afterward, she invites all her friends over and they eat them with tea!

Amelie is a white milk carton. She has a pink band around her middle reading "MILK" in a white font, accompanied by a hot pink strawberry. Beneath that she has a cow print pattern, hot pink on white. She has round, black eyes with short lashes and a red smile. Her top section is also pink and has a small straw striped in white and baby pink coming out from her head.

  • SQUAD UP: Grow your Squishmallows Squad with this 7.5-inch plush.
  • SNUGGLE, SQUEEZE, AND PLAY: Bring this adorable plush on long car rides, airplanes, movie marathons and more.
  • MUST-HAVE: Each Squishmallows is made with ultrasoft, high-quality materials.
  • UNIQUE PERSONALITIES: Squishmallows come in a variety of personalities, colours and sizes.