Schleich 42565 Dinosaurs Dino Transport Mission

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The giant triceratops has spied a leafy green snack in the jungle: A salad bar of prehistoric proportions. Watch out, it's a trap!!! Too late: The dinosaur's Cretaceous appetite has led the triceratops into a perilous swamp. Can you help researcher Luis Colby rescue the ensnared dino? Or will certain doom await? Where the story goes next is up to you!

Contents: 1x truck with loading ramp, 1x cage, 1x crane, 1x machete, 1x smartwatch communicator, 1x secret drawer, 1x carrying sling, 1x swamp hole, 2x liana mat, 1x Ranger Luis, 1x Triceratops, 1x sticker sheet

  • Has everything Luis Colby needs to rescue the triceratops: A dino transport truck with cage, a powerful crane, a machete to cut through vines, and more!
  • Non-stop adventure from the moment you unpack the truck – get lost in the action as you maneuver the pivoting crane and cable winch to load dinos into the cage and secure the lock.
  • What if Luis gets trapped in the swamp instead? Will the triceratops leap to action and save the day? Our dinosaur toys believe imaginations should run wild!
  • Includes a toy triceratops figurine only available with this playset.
  • Unlock a lifelong love of storytelling and discovery – a great gift for dinosaur lovers and future paleontologists ages 5 and up.

Recommended for ages 5-12 years

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.