Polly Pocket Candy Cutie Gumball Compact

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Whether at home or on the go, the Polly Pocket Candy Cutie compact playset offers so much awesome sweet fun! Featuring a clear exterior with shakable confetti, the Polly Pocket playset opens to reveal a sweet-themed adventure! This playset also features micro Polly and Margot dolls and much more!

This playset features so many exciting activities, like the gingerbread house, teacup ride or the candy see-saw! This Polly Pocket set also has a wristlet strap for on-the-go fun!

  • The Polly Pocket Candy Cutie playset comes with two micro dolls (one Polly Pocket doll and one Margot doll).
  • The playset features so many fun activities; kids can explore the gingerbread house, spin the teacup ride, chow down on some yummy treats, bake some delicious treats of their own and ride the candy see-saw!
  • The compact playset features 13 toy accessories, some of which have a Pop & Swap peg feature, so kids can plug them in different parts of the Polly Pocket set for endless play possibilities. 
  • Kids can also use the candy canes and gingerbread man doll accessories to add to the storytelling and play out more sweet adventures.
  • The playset also comes with a wristlet strap, so kids can take it anywhere.

Ages 4+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards