Peppa Pig Adventures School Playgroup Playset

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The Peppa’s School Playgroup playset toy lets children aged 3 and up imagine an entire school day spent with Peppa Pig. Inspired by Peppa’s schoolhouse as seen in the animated series, this toy is bound to get pre-schoolers excited about going to school themselves! There’s a bell pre-schoolers can ring by pushing a lever. Is everyone on time? Children can also move the hands of the clock and turn a dial to change the lessons that appear on the chalkboard as Madame Gazelle narrates.

She might say, ‘Today we are learning about music.’ There’s a hotspot in front of the board, too; place a figure on it to hear more phrases, such as ‘Please children, no glitter!’ The stage comes with a double- sided backdrop; children can place any 7.5-cm figure on it, turn the dial and watch it move. With three figures and nine accessories, this oinktastic present is bound to make any pre-schooler even more excited about Peppa, and school!

  • Includes: playset, 3 figures and 9 accessories.
  • 3 FIGURES AND 9 ACCESSORIES: this playset comes with Peppa Pig, Madame Gazelle and Mandy Mouse (in a removable wheelchair) figures, plus two flip-top tables, four chairs, a lunchbox and a guitar.
  • HEAR 3 DIFFERENT LESSONS: children can turn the chalkboard dial or place a figure in front of the chalkboard to hear phrases related to each lesson. What are we learning today, Madame Gazelle?
  • PEPPA PIG LOVES SCHOOL, and now pre-schoolers and Peppa fans can pretend to attend with Peppa and her friends! Peppa’s School Playgroup playset toy features places to learn and fun sounds to hear.
  • Dimensions: 7.3L x 45.7W x 33H cm
  • Batteries included 2 x AA
  • Two modes: speaks in English only with sound effects, or sound effects only.

Ages 3+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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