Our Generation My Lucky Jeans Outfit

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Everything is more fun when you have luck on your side, and your 18-inch dolls can look stylish at the same time with the Our Generation My Lucky Jeans travel outfit!

Because our generation is a force to reckon with. We’re cleaning up beaches, joining swim-a-thons to save the whales and teaching little sisters how to doggy paddle. When we come up for air, we’re playing dress up with our beach towels, seeing who can dig the biggest hole in the sand, and playing Marco Polo without peeking. (Okay, okay, we peek sometimes.) We’re here and we’re already making big waves. What lies ahead for us? What lies ahead for the world? We can’t even imagine yet, but whatever it is, it’s all up to us. This is our time. This is our story.

This colourful ensemble includes a casual white tank top, a bright-knitted jumper, and comfy trousers with designs that feature a diamond, four-leaf clover, and horseshoe to keep your dolls on a hot streak all day, hence the name My Lucky Jeans! The pink shoes are easy to slip on and let your doll try her luck on any adventure! These clothes can also be mixed and matched with other selections from Our Generation to create new styles and trends for your 18-inch bestie!

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Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.