Living Nature Sloth

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Take it easy just like this beautifully crafted plush sloth who loves nothing more than to chillout in your arms all day long!

The Living Nature Sloth is an incredibly soft sloth toy with super soft multi-tonal faux fur fabric and velcro hands and feet so it can be hung on display in your child’s bedroom!

There are two types of sloths, 2-toed and 3-toed. Sloths can only be identified by the number of claws on their front legs. Their wiry fur is typically black, brown or grey. Their fur sometimes appears green because of algae, which helps camouflage them from predators. You might know the sloth as the slowest mammal in the world, but surprisingly, they can swim three times faster than they can move on land. That’s because their long claws get in the way of crawling on the rainforest floor. It’s no wonder they prefer hanging upside down on trees instead! 

Height 22cm

Fast Fact 

Sloths only travel around 38 metres in one day. 



Believe it or not... 

Without Sloths there would be no avocados. 

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