Living Nature Pink Piglet

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Head on down to the farm and meet the most adorable animals, such as the Living Nature Piglet.

This pink little piglet is sure to steal hearts with his adorable snout, soft cuddly body and curly tail. A wonderful cuddly companion.

Pigs and piglets have the reputation of being dirty animals, but they’re actually very clean. Even as a piglet, they never go to the toilet where they sleep and eat. They do love mud though and bathe in it to clean and cool themselves. Their most distinctive feature is their snout, which gives them a very good sense of smell. 

Length 17cm  

Fast Fact 

A moist and shiny snout is a sign of a healthy pig.  


Farm, forest or grassland. 

Believe it or not... 

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

Suitable from birth

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