Living Nature British Grey Shorthair Kitten

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This stunning silver British Shorthair tabby kitten soft toy is a gorgeous replica of the real thing. Crafted to look as realistic as possible, and made from high-quality grey fabrics, this sweet cat soft toy, also comes with accompanying animal facts on the hangtag!

The British Shorthair cat is renowned for its chunky build and round, happy face. Their striking eyes are mostly always a deep orange, but can sometimes be blue, green, and even odd colours! You might have heard of the ‘British Blue’, the signature colour of this breed, and the colour of your new furry friend. As they’re preened to perfection, it’s no surprise that they’re the most popular cat cast on TV. Like most cats, they’re very relaxed and like a calm, quiet lifestyle.  

Height 16cm

Fast Fact 

This cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world.  



Believe it or not... 

They have a longer life span than some cats living to their late teens and even early twenties.  

Suitable from birth

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