LEGO 21155 Minecraft The Creeper™ Mine

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You’ve joined up with a Minecraft blacksmith at a gold-rich mine deep in the mesa biome with this LEGO 21155 Minecraft The Creeper Mine set. The blacksmith’s shelter is marked by a huge Creeper statue and is well equipped with an anvil, oven and secured treasure chest, but the bat- infested mine is fraught with danger! Grab your iron sword and diamond pickaxe and jump aboard the mine cart to enter the torch-lit mine. Blast out the stone and clear the rail track with the Minecraft TNT, battle the Creeper and hide in the waterfall to launch a surprise attack on the roaming husk! Use the huge Creeper hopper to store your mined gold and when you’re done mining, pull the lever to send it direct to your chest! Get ready for some explosive LEGO Minecraft action!

  • Mine with rail track, mine cart and 3 explosion functions
  • Shelter with a large Creeper statue, 2 Creeper banners, ladders, bed, anvil and an oven
  • Desert and mesa setting with 2 signs, cactus and irrigated vegetable patch
  • Use the Minecraft TNT to blast out the stone and clear the blocked rail track
  • Battle the husk with your iron sword
  • Hop aboard the mine cart and head into the gold-rich Creeper Mine
  • Weapons include 2 pickaxes and a sword
  • Accessories include 3 TNT blocks, 2 chests and 4 golden ore elements

Contains 830 Pieces

Ages 8+

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

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