Crystalina Light Up Doll with Amulet - Aventurine

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Aventurine is the sprite of Luck. She twinkles with multi-colour auras - choose the right one to help you throughout the day: Be a Leader, Outwit an Opponent, Increase Wealth and more.

Crystalina dolls are light up fairies with an amulet that pass colorful light patterns back and forth. Each doll is a different color that embodies a specific crystal power (love, wisdom, luck or healing). Pass colors back and forth from doll to amulet or connect additional dolls!

Just give a little shake to magically pass colors and powers back and forth between dolls and amulets. 

Pass between dolls and amulets, or from doll to doll. You can even share with a friend!

Each Crystalina doll comes with a matching amulet.  Decorate her hair (and yours!) with a matching charm. Place her on her moon stand to revitalize her power

  • Magically pass colorful light patterns back and forth from Crystalina doll to wearable amulet necklace.
  • Both the doll and amulet have multi color LED’s that change colors and patterns when you shake. Different light patterns mean different things (be courageous, practice kindness).
  • Share colors and special light patterns with friends by bringing your dolls or amulets close together.
  • Included Mystic moon display stand beautifully displays your doll and amulet for a magical light show!
  • Connect additional dolls and necklaces to make all the color patterns.
  • 4 different dolls, collect them all! (Each sold spearately)
  • Batteries included

Ages 4+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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