Baby Annabell Sleep Well for Babies 30cm Doll

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This cuddly doll for the very little ones plays a personal recorded lullaby or bedtime story.

“Sleep well” is just one of the things this adorable fabric doll can say. The sound module inside the doll allows recordings of up to around 5 minutes to be made – perhaps a lullaby, a bedtime story or even just the tweets of a pet canary. The recording then plays repeatedly for 30 minutes. Familiar sounds, such as the voices of mummy and daddy, help babies to fall asleep. When the sounds are played, the doll makes herself comfortable in the beds of the youngest children from birth. The soft filled body is super cuddly. The hat covering the soft vinyl head can be put on and taken off in an instant. And if a few spots of baby’s bedtime milk should get on to the little one, she can be easily washed by hand at 30° once the sound module is removed.

• Baby Annabell branded doll

• The small “beginner’s version” (30cm) features a super-soft doll body.

• Suitable for babies from 0 years.

• With module for recording and playing sound.

• Washable – hand wash after removing the sound module.

Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies 30cm with module for recording and playing sound.

Suitable from birth

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