Baby Annabell Active Comfort Seat

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When mummy and daddy go out with Baby Annabell, they like to take the comfort seat. The Z-shaped handle makes the baby seat especially easy to carry. When it’s time for a little break by the pond in the park, the handle can be easily folded down to convert the comfort seat into an ordinary seat. The fabric is covered with pond motifs like dragonflies and water lilies. If the little one gets tired when out and about, it is a super comfy place for her to nap. For travelling by car, the seat belt is simply threaded through the recesses on the sides to keep Baby Annabell safe.

• Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll.

• The premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new possibilities and stimuli for play.

Doll not included

Baby Annabell Active Comfort Seat. 

Ages 3+

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may cause choking hazards.

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