Match Attax Extra 2024 Full Box

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Match Attax Extra 2024 is an action-packed update collection of 344 cards full of unique designs and categories bringing you closer to the game and your favourite footballers. There are more Black Edge cards, more Energy cards, more Chrome X cards, more auto and relic cards and more Crystal and Emerald parallels to collect than ever before. Plus all new categories such as Chrome X Pro-Elite, UCL Debut relic cards, Extreme Limited Editions, a Harry Kane Dream Debut card and for the first time Match Attax Extra features the stars of the UCWL. Can you find one of the genuine Autograph cards or maybe a Past & Present Autograph Combo card?

36 packets of Match Attax Extra 2024 (432 cards). 12 cards per packet with 3 special insert cards inside each packet.

Look out for the incredibly special Hero Packs which contains 2 parallel cards, 5 foil cards, a Black Edge card, a Chrome X card, a wavefront 'Energy' card plus 2 Extreme Limited Edition cards! (1 inside every full box)

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