BABY ANNABELL Little Annabell 36cm

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Good morning! It’s going to be such a fun day!” Little Annabell with her soft fabric body is definitely an early bird. As soon as the sun rises, she is ready to play. Of course, she needs some breakfast first. After drinking from her bottle, she loves to play and cuddle. When the little girl is tired of playing and is laid on her back, she closes her blue eyes. If not, she will observe everything going on attentively until sundown. The evening sky is the same colour as Little Annabell’s romper. With such a wonderfully soft onesie in pastel apricot and a matching hat, there is no need for the little one to change into pyjamas. Produced in easy fit style, the romper can be put on and taken off easily even by the smallest of hands.

• Baby Annabell branded doll

• The small “beginner’s version” (36 cm) features a soft doll body.

• In easy fit style.

• With sleeping eyes.

• Gently encourages children from the age of one to engage in (role) play and provides initial stimuli for developing a sense of empathy and responsibility.

Baby Annabell Little Annabell 36cm with sleeping eyes, romper and hat. Including bottle.

Suitable for ages 1 year +

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